We are a brand that is passionate about the future. People who are going to make a change for the better and bring disruption in the most authentic way. We believe the future holds greater opportunity but higher standards. Are you up for the challenge?

In. Li.

Develop your leaders through the Out-Think challenge while creating social value for a charity.

Create Social Value

Our leadership program helps develop strategic thinking for local contexts. It teaches your leaders how to collaborate, strategise and implement new ideas to scale-up a project. At the same time, we provide funding, consulting and strategic ideas to a charity and help them to implement the changes.

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We engage with leaders in a strategic conversation about the future and equip them to create an empowering growth culture that supports business goals.


In an environment where uncertainty and disruption abound, change is rapid and the stakes are high the capacity to create clarity and invent the future is critical.


Our programs help leaders to continuously create new and compelling futures they can communicate with clarity.


We help leaders navigate fluid landscapes and equip them to build agile, creative and collaborative teams.


Businesses underestimate the significance of the shift in leadership capabilities needed for our current and future contexts and the extent to which the war for talented leaders is intensifying.


Our programs utilise a  ‘game’ approach that enables leaders to radically improve team engagement, deliver high performance outcomes and increase productivity. We offer a fully integrated approach to learning that is transformative for the individual and the organisation.


We help leaders generate social value for their community by disrupting their normal priorities and practices and offering them the opportunity to be a part of somebody else’s solution.


Our culture expects organisations to be social contributors. Businesses that provide opportunities and support for their people to invest in communities are proven to experience higher engagement levels and better talent retention rates within their organisations.


Our programs facilitate the opportunity for organisations to express their social conscious at the same time as creating future-ready leaders.